Application of the program in the field of machining AIP

Example NSK bearing spindles optimization

One Motor Company was looking for a solution in the field of increasing resource bearing spindles for their machining centers. After a detailed analysis of the situation the problem was solved by the use of sealed high-precision bearings. The service life of the bearing was increased by more than three times.

Bearing spindles in modern machining centers are operated under difficult conditions and at the same time have to work with maximum precision. This is necessary to allow the manufacture of high quality parts at a high radial and axial loads.

High demands on the accuracy class and durability
Bearings must take large axial and radial loads and to have a high degree of rigidity. Moreover, the reliability of the machine is a key requirement in the automotive industry, and bearings certainly play an important role in this matter. It is primarily concerned with processing centers, which are often combined in a fully automated production line. In such cases, any unplanned stop equipment leads to costly and lengthy downtime entire production line.

Initial situation: The spindle bearing failure
On the production line carmaker causes premature bearing failures spindle machining centers. The average service life of bearings was 12 months, and this entailed a big problem for the management of the plant. Manufacturer addressed to experts NSK, who developed the “Programme of additional services” for such cases. The objective of this program – to increase the profitability and reliability of equipment and systems of the customer by reducing or eliminating damage bearings and the relevant production losses to a minimum.

Contamination – the cause of bearing failures
AIP program is carried out according to the established order of steps and begins with a thorough analysis of the current situation. In this case, have been investigated and the conditions of application and the bearings themselves. Found that premature failure of high-precision angular contact bearings were caused by external contamination.

Recommendation: use of closed precision bearings
Specialists recommend NSK car manufacturer to use sealed bearings. NSK offers bearings with contact seals for the application. On the one hand, this type of seal provides longer bearing life by reducing wear on the raceways and the surface of the beads, as well as providing the same lubrication. On the other hand, such sealing does not affect the speed of the bearings does not cause friction, which is particularly important for high speed spindles of machine bearings.

As recommended in the machining center tentatively set new bearings. As part of the AIP also revealed that the contamination got into the bearing during installation. In this regard, experts NSK conducted training for mechanics customer on proper handling and installation of bearings precision bearings. Moreover, new sealed bearings were installed under the technical supervision of specialists NSK.

Savings of about € 50 000
The results of this project have been very successful: precision sealed angular contact ball bearings have worked even after 36 months. This means that the bearing life was morning, because the bearings are not affected by the failure of their life can be much more than expected. It is not surprising that the company decided to replace all the bearings on the spindle of the production line – and that eight spindle bearings 15 machines.

AIP program always includes an economic assessment of the recommended measures. In this case, the savings amounted to about 50 000 euros, mainly due to the increase bearing life, reduce maintenance and increase productivity.

Not only for machining operations
AIP program can be used not only for machining operations in the automotive industry. CONTAMINATION is the cause of premature bearing failures in many applications. The following example demonstrates that AIP program operates in various situations.

At an international beverage company failures occur regularly hull bearing conveyors. An analysis conducted by experts NSK, showed that frequent washing line with water and chemicals causes damage to the bearings and seals washed out of the bearing grease. As a result, the bearings had to be replaced every five to six months, and lubricated – every three weeks. This problem was solved through the use of case NSK bearing system with Molded-Oil. In this structure, the bearing grease has a solid form, which together with a seal protects against contamination and ensures regular automatic lubrication. Reducing maintenance (no replacements and re-lubrication) provided the company with savings of € 5,080 per year for each line.

Application to calculate the potential savings
Of course, in each case, the application program AIP should be considered individually. Nevertheless, there are recurring situations that allow you to use the experience of others. In connection with this, NSK has created a special application – cost saving calculator, which determines the overall production costs in the current situation (including maintenance, downtime, etc.) and compares them with the expected costs after the measures proposed in the framework of the AIP. Thus, we can easily see the potential savings and evaluate the benefits of using the program.

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