NSK has developed in 2015 to improve the system ESP.

President and CEO of NSK Corp, a major global manufacturer of bearings, Norio Otsuka announced that the company has developed a gearbox with a low coefficient of friction for the steering system electric amplification (EPS), which helps to achieve greater precision driving and helps reduce fatigue by taxi . This product helps to improve driving on straight stretches, and also improves steering input and reduces the load on the steering wheel in the toughest conditions. NSK has plans to begin production of this product in 2017.

In recent years, there is an urgent need to improve the fuel economy in cars and reduction of emissions. The EPS system saves energy when the vehicle is traveling straight. This results in fuel savings compared with the power steering.

High torque is provided in part by an optimized motor windings and innovative engine management system. Control algorithms are stored in the computer, reducing mechanical impulses and compensate reactive force steering.

Thus, electronics plays an important role in the quest for modernization of the electric power steering. For the realization of these opportunities NSK established a joint venture with Toshiba. Company ADTech Corporation in Tokyo, and will develop systems of electric power steering. Contribution to the joint activity on the part of NSK this know-how in the field of mechatronics, Toshiba also has great experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of semiconductors. The purpose of the new company is to continue to improve electronics and software power-assisted steering. One of the main aspects – the integration of the signals sent by the driver warning system.

Number of vehicles with electric power steering control system or electric power (EPS / EPAS) is constantly growing. According to market research published by Frost & Sullivan in 2009, in 2007. About 40% of all new cars in Europe were equipped with electric power steering, and a year later their number reached 45%. It is expected that next year the figure is already 65%, and by 2015 – 75%. This trend can be easily explained: the demand for easy to use power steering systems is growing even in the small car users who want to enjoy this kind of additional features without increasing fuel consumption. Another point of development – is the use of such systems in high-tech compact cars and replacement of hydraulic or electro-hydraulic power steering in large vehicles that consume more fuel to 0.25 l per 100 km.

The company produces NSK bearings since 1916, being a pioneer in the production of ball bearings in Japan. Currently, the company has extensive experience in the production of various types of bearings, widely used in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, as well as components of mechatronic systems.

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